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Bigfoot Stories Popping Up In Whitehall Again

Is Bigfoot Real?

WHITEHALL — The hunt for Bigfoot in northern Washington County is heating up again.

Not only will Animal Planet be showing on Sunday night the “Finding Bigfoot” episode filmed in and around town, another documentary-maker will be in town next week working on his own film.

“Finding Bigfoot” will wrap up its seventh season Sunday with back-to-back episodes beginning at 9 p.m. on Animal Planet (Time Warner Cable, Channel 132).

The season finale, at 10 p.m., will be “Bigfoot State of Mind,” which chronicles an April hunt for Bigfoot filmed around Lake George and the New York-Vermont border.

A New Film

Self-described investigative journalist Seth Breedlove said he was unaware of Sunday’s air date when he planned his trip to New York, which starts with a filming of his Ohio-based film “The Minerva Monster” in Wells and includes a planned three days of filming for the next film in his series (“Small-Town Monsters”), which will be called “The Beast of Whitehall.”

It just happened that we were up here at this time, said Breedlove, who will be at the Wells Community Center all day Saturday to discuss Bigfoot.

He will also be showing his film, “The Minerva Monster,” at 2 p.m. The film focuses on reports of a Bigfoot sighting in Ohio.

“I am not a Bigfoot hunter, but I am actually a skeptic,” said Breedlove, who first became interested in the creatures “by accident” about 12 years ago.

But his interest was piqued, and he describes his first film this way:

“In August of 1978 a small town in eastern Ohio was thrust into the spotlight when a local family sighted a ‘monster’ in the woods behind their home. Over subsequent evenings, they were repeatedly visited by the creature, culminating in a late-night encounter that ended in local police being called in,” he wrote in a press release. “The story blasted onto the front pages of newspapers across the state and into the consciousness of a nation.”

Breedlove does a Bigfoot-based podcast and will begin work on his second Bigfoot film Monday in Whitehall.

“We have some interviews set up, but we are focusing on the 1976 incident, so it is hard to find people,” he said. “We will be here for about three days, and we would love to hear from other people who might have seen or heard Bigfoot.”

Breedlove can be contacted at or by calling 330-685-6758.

Breedlove said some of the witnesses from the 1976 incident have died.

“We’re racing the clock here to get this film made and have a no-nonsense look at the Whitehall Bigfoot tales ,and it’s intimidating stuff,” he said.

Going ‘Sasquatchin’

“Finding Bigfoot” stars members of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization: Matt Moneymaker, Cliff Barackman, James “Bobo” Fay and Ranae Holland.

The team, which held a public meeting March 31 at the Whitehall Armory, spent several days in the area exploring leads from residents about encounters with Bigfoot.

Bigfoot sightings have been reported in the Adirondacks for decades, with an increase during the 1970s, including the particularly detailed one in 1976.

In the show, the team investigates different areas of the Adirondacks to determine ideal locations for a Bigfoot refuge.

Unfortunately, according to a news release, the team comes up empty-handed, despite hearing several promising stories about a mysterious creature lurking in local forests.




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