Bungee Jump Horror In Brazil As Man Dives Head-First Into The Ground

WARNING VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT: A Brazilian man’s family watched in horror as he smashed head first into the ground after a bungee jump went horribly wrong.

A video has emerged showing the gut-wrenching moment when Fabio Ezequiel de Moraes, 36, jumped into oblivion.

Moraes was attempting a 40-meter jump off a bridge in Sao Paulo state as his wife, his six-year-old son and his brother looked on.

The Sun reported that the rope’s length had apparently been miscalculated and instead of bouncing just short of the ground, he hit it at full speed.

Moraes was taken to hospital in nearby Mairinque but died of his injuries.

A local paper said Moraes had thought about taking his young son with him but thankfully decided against it.