George W. Bush Presidential Library To Release Skull & Bones Secret Documents

Ashley Collman | Daily Mail

George W. Bush Presidential Library To Release Skull & Bones Secret Documents
The George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas is set to release 1,650 documents relating to the Skull and Bones society on July 12. Credit: Wikipedia

The secret Skull and Bones society won’t be such a secret anymore in two months.

The George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas is set to release a large cache of documents on Skull and Bones in July, after receiving a Freedom of Information Act request for documents related to the president’s membership in the Yale University secret society.

Unless President Obama or former President Bush move to block the FOIA request, the 1,650 documents related to Skull and Bones will be released to the general public on July 12.

The National Archives said in a notice to attorneys for the 43rd and 44th presidents that the cache also includes ‘correspondence from individuals, organizations, and children to President George W. Bush, Laura Bush, Andrew Card, and Karl Rove; routine memoranda regarding government awards and promotions; and draft correspondence from the White House with background material’.

‘Additional records include vetting materials, emails related to scheduled events, a phone message, a press briefing on Turkey, a register of Frederick Law Olmsted’s papers at the Library of Congress, requests for comments from the press, and a request for Vice President Richard B. Cheney to attend William F. Buckley’s memorial service,’ the note adds.

The National Archives did not say who made the request, but Politico reports that the request was likely made by Robery Gaylon Ross Sr., an author who has penned several books on conspiracy theories involving America’s elite.

Skull and Bones is a secret society at Yale University which counts many rich and powerful men as alumni, including current Secretary of State John Kerry; Henry Luce, the founder of Time, Life, Fortune and Sports Illustrated magazines; and Harold Stanley, the co-founder of Morgan Stanley.

The group was founded in 1832, making it the oldest secret society at the Ivy League school.

Bush comes from a long line of so-called Bonesmen. According to popular lore on the group, Bush’s grandfather Prescott Bush dug up the remains of the Native American warrior Geronimo in 1918 and brought them back to decorate the Tomb.

Bush’s father was in the group too, and was given the moniker ‘Magog’ – a nickname that is meant to indicate the incoming Bonesman with the most sexual experience.

The group meets twice weekly at a mysterious, windowless, building on campus called The Tomb. The group also owns their own island in Upstate New York, which is used as a summer retreat.

What exactly takes place at these meetings is unconfirmed, since the members are ordered to take a vow of silence.

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