John Kasich Finally Suspending Failed Campaign

John Kasich Finally Suspending Failed Campaign
Republican U.S. presidential candidate John Kasich eats a pickle at PJ Bernstein's Deli Restaurant in New York City, April 16, 2016. Credit: REUTERS
    John Kasich said he plans to suspend his run to be the GOP presidential nominee, multiple sources confirmed on Wednesday.

    Kasich was the last man standing against Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary race after Ted Cruz suspended his run on Tuesday night. (RELATED: Ted Cruz Officially Drops Out Of The Republican Primary)

    Kasich had previously cancelled a planned event in order to make a Wednesday night statement in Ohio.

    Even before winning his home state of Ohio in March, Kasich was facing a lot of pressure to get out of the race. He won just that one state, and was fourth in the Republican delegate count.

    Kasich’s departure leaves Trump as the only candidate remaining in the Republican race.

    Donald Trump won in a landslide victory on Tuesday night in Indiana, taking all 57 of the state’s GOP delegates.