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London’s Iconic Red Buses To Declare ‘Glory To Allah’

Raheem Kassam and Oliver Lane | Breitbart

Britain’s largest Islamic charity says it wants to “break down barriers” and portray Islam positively by launching a new advertising campaign which will slap the phrase “Glory to Allah” on the side of London buses.

The new campaign by Islamic Relief is, ostensibly, targeted at raising donations for their Ramadan aid to Syria, but is attracting attention for the “hundreds” of buses which will be decorated with the phrase “Subhan Allah”, or ‘Glory to Allah’.

Muslims reading the advert are told that to “gather the rewards of Ramadan”, they must to donate to Islamic Relief, and organisation which had its accounts with banking giant HSBC closed due to “concerns that cash for aid could end up with terrorist groups abroad”.

Public transport has been chosen for the Islamic re-branding in London, Manchester, Leicester, Birmingham, and Bradford – all UK locations with high and growing Muslim populations, reports the Sunday Times.

That the announcement of the new campaign came the day after London crowned its first Muslim leader, Mayor Sadiq Khan. Islamic Relief called it a “nice irony” that the two events coincided.

Imran Madden, a British convert to Islam and director of Islamic Relief’s United Kingdom Branch said: “There is a lot of negativity around Muslims at the moment involving things such as counter terrorism issues.

“We want to change for the better the perception of Islam. The bus campaign is about breaking down barriers and challenging misconceptions”.

Mr. Madden, a former geography teacher, said he hoped the posters would help start a “conversation” in Britain but made no reference to the evidently supremacist nature of the phrase “Glory to Allah” – often mistranslated as “Glory to God” by Western media outlets, in the same tradition as “Allah hu Akbar”, which rather than meaning “God is Great” actually means “[Our] God (Allah) is greater [than yours]”.

And while the Times omits the background of Islamic Relief in their reporting, they do admit the posters may “raise eyebrows” among Christians in Britain.

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