Massive Amounts of Dead Fish Wash Ashore After Tianjin Explosions

Massive amounts of dead fish were spotted pilling up near the shores of a lake in Tianjin this afternoon, some six kilometers from the site of the blasts that ripped through a warehouse storing hazardous goods in the port city’s Binhai district.

Local residents said they’ve never before witnessed so many dead fish in the area.

While it’s not immediately clear whether the die-off is linked to the explosion, photos published Thursday by Chinese state media showing thousands of the dead fish seen washing up six kilometers from the Tianjin blast site quickly went viral, according to the Wall Street Journal. “‘If the dead fish are related to the explosion, then this is a regional disaster,’ one user wrote on Weibo, ‘The culprits must be sentenced to death'” the Journal reported.

The Tianjin municipal government said the fish had been examined and no cyanide compounds had been detected.