Pickup Truck Smashes Into City Bus In New York

A pickup truck smashed into a bus, lodging itself inside the bus and injuring multiple passengers.

Neil Brownell, the driver of the pickup, was driving off Interstate 81 when the accident happened on January 19.

Brownell swerved into the left lane to avoid traffic near the end of the ramp, police said. The truck went off the road and crashed into a Centro bus that was stopped at a traffic light.

The truck was stuck in the bus several feet above the ground.

Incredibly, police said several passengers were treated for only minor injuries. The bus driver, Daphne Ross-Powell, 54, of Syracuse, was treated at a hospital for chest pain.

The pickup driver, Brownell, 82, was not injured, police said. His wife, Jerrie Brownell, 75, a passenger in his truck, was taken to a hospital for chest pain.

As the truck hits the bus, the video shows a man and woman notice the impending collision just before it occurs.