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Scientists Celebrate Gay Penguins As Pride Celebrations Hit Antarctica

Antarctica’s first-ever pride celebration is set to take place on June 9. The celebration, hosted by employees at McMurdo Station, will take place at a bar located on the premises.

“Every person who celebrates is another example of who queer people are and what we can do,” organizer Evan Townsend told Earther.

Of the 133-person crew who works on the base, about 15 identify as LGBT.

“It’s nice to have a place you can truly be yourself,” base staff member Mark Vogler said to Earther.

The people aren’t the only ones who can celebrate pride. Adélie penguins, who populate the continent, can also engage in homosexual behaviors. In an expedition to the South Pole from 1910–1913, a surgeon witnessed the penguins having non-procreative sex, including gay sex.



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