Secret Service Agent To Release Tell-All Book About The Clinton White House & The Culture That ‘Sickened’ Him

Wills Robinson | Daily Mail

Secret Service Agent to Release Tell-All Book About the Clinton White House and the Culture That 'Sickened' Him
Former Secret Service agents say Hillary Clinton was detested by those guarding her. Credit: Reuters

A Secret Service agent who protected Hillary Clinton is set to publish a tell-all book.

Gary Byrne says he was posted outside Bill Clinton’s Oval Office in the 1990s and that what he saw ‘sickened him’.

His expose is causing deep concern in the White House, according to Drudge Report, and its release comes as Hillary comes within touching distance of securing the Democratic nomination.

The book titled Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate is set to hit shelves on June 28.

The Democratic convention, where Hillary could be confirmed as the nominee, will take place a month later.

According to Drudge, specific details of the book are being kept under a tight embargo.

Gary Byrne, the man behind the expose, says he was posted outside Bill Clinton's Oval Office in the 1990s and that what he saw "sickened him". Credit: Center Street
Gary Byrne, the man behind the expose, says he was posted outside Bill Clinton’s Oval Office in the 1990s and that what he saw “sickened him”. Credit: Center Street

A description of the book reads: ‘Posted directly outside President Clinton’s Oval Office, Former Secret Service uniformed officer Gary Byrne reveals what he observed of Hillary Clinton’s character and the culture inside the White House while protecting the First Family.

‘Now that a second Clinton administration threatens — their scheme from the very beginning — Byrne exposes what he saw of the real Hillary Clinton.

‘While serving as a Secret Service Officer, Gary Byrne protected President Bill Clinton and the First Family in the White House and outside the Oval Office.

‘There, he saw the political and personal machinations of Bill and Hillary Clinton and those who were fiercely loyal to them.

‘In CRISIS OF CHARACTER Byrne provides a firsthand account of the scandals–known and unknown–and daily trials ranging from the minor to national in scale.

‘Having witnessed the personal and political dysfunction of the Clinton White House–so consumed by scandal and destroying their enemies, real and imagined–Byrne came to understand that, to the Clintons, governing was an afterthought.

‘He now tells this story–before voters go to the polls–in the hopes that Clinton supporters will understand the real Hillary Clinton.’

Byrne was one of the Secret Service agents questioned by a Grand Jury about Bill’s dealings with Monica Lewinsky in 1998.

According to the Washington Post article published on the hearing Byrne complained to then-White House deputy chief of staff Evelyn S. Lieberman about Lewinsky’s actions in 1996.

A short time later Lewinsky was removed from her position because of ‘immature and inappropriate behavior.”

He claimed that he saw Lewinsky in the West Wing of the White House when she was not authorized to be there.

The New York Times reported that Mr. Byrne also expressed concerns about Ms. Lewinsky’s after-hours access to the West Wing, which houses the President’s Oval Office and the work spaces of the most senior White House aides

Since her husband’s administration ended, Secret Service agents assigned to Hillary have slammed her behavior.

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