SJWs Lose Their Minds Over ‘Super Racist’ Red Cross Poster

SJWs Lose Their Minds Over 'Super Racist' Red Cross Poster
The poster, “Be Cool, Follow The Rules,” showed children playing in a pool and people lost their minds.

The American Red Cross apologized for a pool safety poster that was put up at two Colorado swimming pools because SJWs were losing their minds.

The SJWs complained because their feelings were hurt over the “super racist” poster.

The organization said they removed the image from their website and app, and has requested the poster be removed from aquatic facilities. The Salida Recreation Center also tweeted that it had removed the poster and “didn’t scrutinize it like we should have.”

The poster was originally part of the Red Cross’ 2014 “Aquatics Centennial Campaign.”

“We are focusing on areas with higher-than-average drowning rates and participants who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to take swim lessons,” the Red Cross wrote.

We think people are taking political correctness to a whole new level of dumb. Let us know what you think.

Do you think the Red Cross pool safety poster is racist?