Surveillance Video From Oklahoma City Bus Shows Officer-Involved Shooting

Oklahoma City police release video of officer-involved shooting death on city bus.

Miguel Chaves-Angles, 42, a recycling truck driver, was shot and killed by Officer Daniel Carli at about 4:45 p.m. June 24 at 1200 NW 23.

Police said Chaves-Angles boarded the Embark bus after reportedly high-jacking a car and trying to hide in a local business.

Officer Heather Lane, who had been trying to find the man involved in the car-jacking, rushed into the bus with her gun drawn, and Chaves-Angles can be seen grabbing for the gun.

The two wrestle over the gun, which goes off once, and ends up on the floor of the bus before Officer Carli rushed in and shot Chaves-Angles several times killing him.