Surveillance Video Shows Terrifying Moment Woman Is Abducted In Mexico

The video shows the terrifying moment a woman driving down an affluent street in the Mexican city of Uruapan is dragged from her car and kidnapped by four men.

The video, recorded last Friday in the crime-riddled Michoacan state city, shows the criminals taking just 40 seconds to corner, grab and kidnap the woman. Then they’re gone, leaving her Mercedes sitting empty in the street.

The kidnappers’ white Jetta, which has been lying in wait on the road, pulls out suddenly in front of the woman’s car and one of the men jumps in her way.

Had she sped on anyway, she might have been free – but she stops instinctively, at which point three others surround her car, trying the doors and dragging her out of the vehicle.

She is shoved roughly into their white car, which then takes off down the street.

At the same time, a black car is seen pulling away, but it isn’t clear whether it was also involved.

Uruapan has been troubled by gang violence brought by the drug trade and cartels since at least 2006.

In 2013, the bodies of seven men were left in plastic chairs near a central plaza in the city. They had been shot in the head and had threats nailed to their chests with ice pics.

And in 2015, two commanders of local police forces were found decapitated.

It also emerged last year that a cultist gang leader in the state had forced his men to eat the hearts of slain enemies as an initiation ritual. He was shot dead in 2014.