Unhinged Anti-Trump Activist Executes Republican Neighbor In Front Of His Wife

Chris Pleasance | Daily Mail

Anti-Trump Activist Executes Republican Neighbor In Front Of His Wife
Clayton Carter has anti-Trump signs placed all over his front lawn, and has a history of arguments with his Republican neighbors.

An anti-Trump activist has been accused of executing his neighbor who was a prominent Republican supporter.

Clayton Carter allegedly shot George Jennings, both 51, twice in the head outside his home in Pennsylvania in the early hours of August 8.

George Jennings
George Brooks Jennings with his wife, Jill, and his son, Matthew, now 9. Prosecutors say Jennings was shot and killed by his neighbor.

The men had already been arguing the previous night and police were called after Carter pulled a gun, but managed to diffuse the situation.

However, officers were called back just a few hours later to reports of a fatal attack, ABC 6 News reports.

The pair had been feuding for some time, neighbors said, adding that they were afraid of Carter’s unpredictable nature.

ABC reports that his yard was covered with hand-painted anti-Trump signs and was often filled with cars.

Jennings, meanwhile, was a member of the Chester County Republican Committee, though it is not thought their beliefs were directly responsible for the shooting.

Investigators were first called to the address around 8pm on August 7 because the two men were fighting about cursing and video recording in a back yard.

Officers resolved that dispute, but at 1am on August 8 they were called back to another argument, this time involving lights.

Carter accused Jennings of shining a light into his eyes as he was returning home, and went inside to fetch a .380-caliber Ruger semi-automatic handgun.

Carter went back outside and parked his car up on Jennings’ lawn with his lights on full beam, according to a criminal complaint seen by Philly.com.

A heated argument then started and Carter shot Jennings in the head, knocking him to the ground, the complaint says.

Carter then shot Jennings in the head a second time while standing over his body, as his distraught wife watched from inside the house, it is alleged.

Carter admitted shooting Jennings but says he acted in self defense after Jennings advanced on him with a knife.

Police say they recovered two shell casings from the scene – one from Carter’s yard, and one from beside Jennings’ body.

They also recovered a knife, though it is not clear where the weapon was found.

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