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Did NASA Fake The Moon Landings?

For nearly 50 years a vocal group of people around the world have remained convinced that NASA faked the moon landings, and no human being has actually set foot upon the lunar surface. But if that’s the case, why? What would the motivations for a hoax be, and how on Earth could it remain a secret for so long?



  1. The stupid are those who believe NASA fake the landing .Hello with a strong telescope you can see the evidence on the moon Those stupid people make claims based on their own stupidity.Being stupid they fail to comprehend the real facts of space .For example many claim no stars shown .Hello space is in large part dark .Next a camera does not always capture stars .The flags movement ? Space still has cause an effect .No wind but walked by the flag still makes it move .LOL folks you think if NSA was going to fake it ,they being scientist would have correct the things you claim make it false ..


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