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Elderly Man Says UFO Tried to Run Him Down and Abduct Him

An elderly man was riding his bicycle at night and says a UFO tried to run him off the road and abduct him.

The UFO sighting took place along a stretch of highway known as the Salmoral – Paso de Ovejas. They identified the man as Francisco Acosta Tostado, 68, who had been riding a bicycle and was found face down along the side of the road.

He told authorities he had been run over by a UFO and that the object attempted to abduct him.

A motorist driving along the same highway spotted Francisco and immediately called for help.

First aid treatment was provided at the scene, including help with a “deep injury to the back of his head.” The man was then transported to the regional hospital at Cardel. State Police at Cardel are investigating.

Policarpio Carvajal, an engineer, first called the Red Cross Emergency Services at Cardel, but short on emergency vehicles, they passed the call along to the Municipal Firefighters and Civil Defense of neighboring La Antigua.

Francisco is recovering now, but he said he doesn’t know how he can go back outside alone.  He fears the UFO will come back for him.




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