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Furious Residents Oppose Migrant Centre Plans: ‘We Feel Overrun’

Oliver JJ Lane | Breitbart

Sweden has witnessed another furious town hall meeting between concerned locals and government functionaries, as plans were announced to build migrant accommodation close to a primary school.

Plans to establish a new “barracks” for 350 newcomers just yards from a primary school have inflamed tensions in increasingly migrant-dominated Stockholm, where some local authorities are already predominantly non-Swede. A routine town council meeting, which could usually expect no more than a handful of elderly observers was turned into a shouting match when locals discovered of the plans to permanently settle hundreds of newcomers to the neighborhood.

In a video record of the meeting, parts of which have been translated into English by Canadian website Vlad Tepes, attendees can be heard jostling for a chance to speak out against the government. In return the officials told locals they had no decision making powers over the matter, and instead were merely delivering the news that the migrant accommodation was to be imposed from on-high.

The frustration with the system which saw migrants placed arbitrarily in residential areas despite public concern about the sex attacks was palpable in the meeting. One local who took the floor told the council: “for many of us living here who have come here tonight, it is all about feeling safe. This way of placing asylum housing close to a school for our children and grand-children, we have seen many problems with stabbings, rape, harassment.

“To place so many people in one place, and so close to a school, how will you be able to guarantee the safety of us and our children? We feel overrun. It is like you have already decided to cram as many as possible here, which will create a feeling of them and us. It is going to create hatred… I don’t understand why politicians don’t go out and ask people who live in the area what they think”.

When the chairman attempted to move the discussion on by calling for another question without addressing the concerns of the local residents, the audience jeered and called for him to answer the question. One audience member, who was met with applause, told the chairman — who has been described as “appearing” to be a “Muslim migrant” of the Islamist-infiltrated Green party himself — “It’s like this, we in Sweden live in a democracy.

“We who live here have the right to say this is not okay! We will fight to the last drop of blood to prevent this from being realised”.

Others expressed concern that while young Swedes were struggling to find somewhere to live, accommodation was being built all over to please migrants.

The chairman again tried on a number of occasions to move the discussion on to other topics, while the audience called on him to answer the questions. On telling the locals that shouting would get them nowhere, they retorted they would stop doing so once he gave some answers.

Although they were not forthcoming, the chair responded: “I am the chairman of the City Council, and the City Council has responsibility for schools, elder care, leisure care… and it is not the City who has made this decision. We have had absolutely nothing to do with this question”.

Swedish counter-mass migration campaigner Jan Sjunnesson was at the meeting and told Breitbart London that ironically, almost all of the people in the room had probably voted for parties that support mass migration. He said: “In Stockholm 95 per cent of the voters, voted for parties in favour of mass immigration just two years ago. And now people want to say ‘not in my backyard’. As soon as migrants get close to your daughters school, people suddenly change their tune”.

The only political party in Sweden that opposes mass migration and calls for proper border controls, and even the repatriation of immigrants is the Sweden Democrats. Stockholm party representative Leis Nilsson was also at the meeting, and told Breitbart London: “The people were very, very disturbed about the town hall forcing a refugee camp outside a school.

“Just at that moment I felt every person in that hall was supporting the Sweden Democrats, we are the only party who opposes this mass migration. The government passed a law forcing all these communities to receive these refugees.

“It is a democratic issue. Every community has the rights to make up their own laws regarding refugees.

“This is not a choice that the locals can actually make. They are just told, ‘this is what will happen’, and that is a basic removal of rights from the people. This is a governmental problem, they have no idea how to handle the migrant situation. There have been over 180,000 people in the system, and they are still coming and they have no idea how to handle it.

“We have a really bad anti-democratic situation here”.

This is not the first time Swedish locals have objected in strong terms to the establishment of a migrant “barracks” next to a school. Breitbart London reported in February on a similar scheme, this time on a school playing field in Haninge, Sweden.

Over 500 citizens packed out a school hall, only to hear that the municipality had already taken the decision to press on with construction without them. One father present told the councilmen: “If something should happen to them… you will have the blood on your hands”.

Another said: “If something happens to my daughter, I will execute the man responsible, and I will kill the politician who let the migrant in as well”.

By the end of the meeting, the council announced the formerly solid plans would be reconsidered.



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