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Heidi Cruz: ‘Ted Is An Immigrant’

Patrick Howley | Breitbart

Heidi Cruz said on the Indiana campaign trail Saturday that her husband Sen. Ted Cruz “is an immigrant.”

“Ted is an immigrant. He is Hispanic,” Heidi Cruz said of her Texas senator husband, an American citizen who renounced his Canadian citizenship though he was born north of the border. “He can unify this party.”

“We have libertarians joining our cause. I have people every day from the Democrat Party telling me that they re-registered to vote for Ted as a Republican. Because they understand what he stands for, and he represents America.”

As of press time, it is unclear whether Heidi meant to say that Ted Cruz is the son of an immigrant father, or whether her line was a Freudian slip referring to the fact that Ted Cruz was born in Canada.

Cruz moved to the United States as a toddler in 1974 after being born in Canada in December, 1970.



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