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Huge Explosions at U.S. Army Base in Sagamihara, Japan

The Pentagon said on Sunday it was aware of reports of an explosion at a U.S. military base in Sagamihara, Japan, but said it could not confirm the blast occurred on the base.

“We’re aware of the report, but we don’t have confirmation that the explosion occurred on the base,” said Pentagon spokesman U.S. Navy Commander Bill Urban, according to Reuters.

Japanese Broadcasting Corp posted images and said multiple explosions had been reported at the U.S. Army facility in Sagamihara, a city in the Japanese prefecture of Kanagawa, which borders Tokyo.

The report cited local authorities as saying the blasts occurred at the Sagami General Depot, a U.S. Army post which is used to store petroleum products and ammunition.

Three other explosions linked to extremist groups were reported in the surrounding area in April 2015, according to the Wall Street Journal.



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