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Louisiana Teen in Bikini Attacked by Catcallers with Pipe

A Louisiana teen said she has to relearn how to smile after her top lip was nearly ripped from her face while wearing a bikini in an attack by catcallers.

After a day of swimming, Jessica Byrnes-Laird, 18, waited in a car in her bathing suit outside a Louisiana, Shreveport convenience store Sunday night.

A group of men began sexually harassing Jessica as her boyfriend was in the store. When her boyfriend came back outside he got into a fight with the men.

Police are searching for these suspects
Police are searching for these suspects

As the boyfriend broke away from the scuffle one of the four men threw a pipe through the passenger door window hitting Jessica right in the mouth.

“I looked down and saw my teeth in my hand, and I immediately gushed blood all over the place,” she told NBC 6.

Between 10 and 12 teeth were knocked out of her mouth, which is completely stitched up, her grandpa Earl Byrnes told the Daily News.

“Right now, she’s real sore and can’t eat or nothing,” he said.

Jessica will require surgery and multiple tooth implants, which can cost up to $12,000, according to a GoFundMe page.

Police said they are still searching for her attackers.




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