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Migrants To Be Deported For Minor Crimes After Preventable Brutal Murder

Chris Tomlinson | Breitbart

After the apparently motiveless murder of a woman by an illegal migrant which shocked a nation, Austria considers getting tough on deportations of migrant criminals.

The murder of a cleaning lady by an illegal migrant in the early hours of the morning in Vienna last week has sent a shock wave through the Austrian establishment.

It was revealed that the perpetrator was a man with a long criminal history who was not only in the country illegally, but had been scheduled for deportation years before the murder took place. To prevent such a thing from ever happening again the government is now considering much harsher measures, Kurier reports.

Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka and Justice Minister Wolfgang Brandstetter announced that they want to counter the huge rise in crime in Austria that followed the migrant crisis. Recent statistics have shown that while crime fell in 2014 and 2015, it is expected to have dramatically increased this year.

Konrad Kogler, Director of Public Security, has said that the rise in crime is especially prevalent in assaults, thefts, drug possession and trafficking, and criminal damage. He said, “over 60 percent of perpetrators are young men between the ages of 14 and 40”.

Mr Sobotka and Mr Brandstetter say they have three main focuses for dealing with the rise of migrant crime. The first will be detention until trial for crimes, where previously police would release criminals pending a potential court date.

Such changes will also affect migrants who are scheduled to be deported.  As with the cases of the Kenyan who committed the Brunnenmarkt murder and the Gambian migrant who killed an American au pair earlier this year, both men were scheduled to be deported when they committed the murders.

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