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Moose Surprises Snowboarders With Mountainside Chase In Wyoming

What should you do if a moose chases you? Well, if you’re on a snowboard like the people in this video, it’s probably best to keep going. Fortunately, moose are only able to chase for short distances, so these snowboarders survived the encounter unscathed.

The pair of snowboarders were surprised when an unexpected animal chased after them on the slopes at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming; a moose.

One of the snowboarders, Scott Askins, was taking a video of a friend performing a frontside boardslide about a week ago when a moose walked onto the slopes. The animal bolted after them. Askins kept filming while he and his friend snowboarded down the mountain. The moose eventually stopped long enough for the snowboarders to put some distance between themselves and the animal.

As the largest of all the deer species, moose are typically between five feet and six and a half feet tall. Their antlers can spread up to six feet across and they are very nimble on land, with the ability to run 35 miles an hour for short distances. A moose’s hooves act as snowshoes on soft snow, distributing their weight evenly. They can weigh an average of 1,800 pounds.

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