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Poland Jails Two Men For Stripping Naked And Slaughtering A Lamb At Auschwitz

A Polish court jailed two men Wednesday for stripping naked and slaughtering a lamb during an anti-war stunt at Auschwitz, Poland.

A court in Oswiecim, the city where the German death camps Auschwitz-Birkenau are located, jailed two Belarusian men Adam B. and Mikita V. for defacing a memorial and animal cruelty, reported The Times of Israel. Adam received a sentence for a year and a half and Mikita received a sentence of 14 months.

Adam and Mikita orchestrated the event, with 12 other protestors from Germany, Belarus, Ukraine, and Poland claimed that they were protesting war at the German death camp, reported The group of protesters stripped naked, chained themselves to a fence and draped a white banner with the words painted in red saying “Love” over the infamous “arbeit macht frei” gate going to Auschwitz. They also sacrificed a lamb since it is a “symbol of an innocent being who suffers for nothing,” added The Times of Israel.

“Auschwitz is a memorial site, a symbol of martyrdom and a cemetery for thousands of human beings,” said prosecutor Mariusz Slomka, in regards to their actions.

“These kinds of stunts should never be repeated,” added Slomka.

The defendants claimed their actions at Auschwitz for a good cause.”The court punished us for a work of art, it’s unfair,” said Mikita following the verdict.

Approximately one million Jews and 100,000 non-Jews died at Auschwitz between 1940 and 1945.



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