Police Are Investigating Multiple Stabbings at a Refugee Center in Sweden

Swedish Police Are Investigating Multiple Stabbings at Refugee Center in Sweden
Police cordon off an refugee center in Ljusne in northern Sweden after a deadly stabbing. Photo: Pernilla Wahlman/TT News Agency/Reuters

Swedish police are still investigating after a migrant attacked and killed someone in a refugee center in Ljusne , Sweden. Witnesses reported a fight broke out among multiple refugees and one of them started stabbing people.

It is the second refugee involved murder at a refugee center in Sweden in less than one month. Earlier this month a 15 year old male refugee from Somalia stabbed Alexandra Mezher at a shelter for teenage refugees in Sweden.

Concerns are rising over the mass migration into Europe. People are worried because the authorities are being overwhelmed by the sheer number of refugees seeking asylum in Sweden.

Swedish police have been reporting an increase in violent attacks at and around refugee centers. Sweden received 163,000 migrants last year, the highest rate per capita in all of Europe.

While all the rapes and other violent attacks are still going on, Sweden is thinking about deporting more than half of last year’s refugees.