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Teen Thugs Arrested For Murdering Homeless Man In Philadelphia

Jennifer Smith | Daily Mail

Three teenage thugs, the youngest of whom is just 14, have been arrested for robbing and beating a homeless man to death.

Brandon Conrad, 14, Malik Page, 16, and Emmanuel Harris, 17, have all been charged with murder for the death of Kevin Cullen, 57.

The teens, who were arrested after police working on the case were assigned to their high school, will all be charged as adults.

Cullen, whose friends say he was between homes, was beaten to death in the street in Philadelphia last month.

Police launched a desperate appeal for his killers who witnesses said laughed as they attacked him.

The boys were arrested after police at their high school helped with the investigation.

They are accused of attacking Cullen at 5.55pm on November 26.

Grainy surveillance footage taken from a store nearby showed them following Cullen down the street moments before the attack.

Witnesses say they heard the boys smashing his head into a brick wall several times.

When they ran over to intervene, they found Cullen unconscious and with his pockets turned inside out.

‘They were laughing, like it was funny.

‘They hit his head into a wall so hard I felt it in my house on the second floor,’ one resident told WPIV before the boys’ arrest.

Police later said the man had nothing on him for them to steal.

Cullen, whose family said he struggled with alcohol addiction, died the following day in Aria Torresdale Hospital as a result of blows to the head.

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