Teen Turns Himself In For Body Slamming And Throwing 68-Year-Old Woman Into A Pool

Ashley Collman | Daily Mail


The teen wanted for body-slamming a 68-year-old woman and then dragging her into a pool in a shocking viral video has turned himself into police.

Leon Balfour, 16, turned himself into police Monday evening, saying ‘I messed up and I have to own up to it.’

He was charged with one count of battery on a person 65 years of age or older. Video shows him arriving at the Broward County juvenile detention center Monday night.

The teen wanted for throwing a 68-year-old woman into a pool at a ruckus pool party this weekend in North Lauderdale, Florida has turned himself into police. Sixteen-year-old Leon Balfour is pictured above arriving at juvenile hall Monday night. Credit: NBC MIAMI

Balfour is set to make his first court appearance sometime Tuesday.

‘I’m very happy that they caught the person,’ victim Nancy James told CBS Miami.

Witness video shows the moment James stopped by a ruckus pool party in her townhouse complex Saturday evening to ask the teens to turn down the music.

Several neighbors had called police to complain about the music, but sheriff’s deputies were slow to arrive. So James, who is the director of the board for the townhomes, decided to stop by to ask the teens to turn down the music herself.

‘We were just asking them, “lower the volume,”‘ James told WSVN. ‘I didn’t care what they were doing. It’s not my job to police the place.’

Some of the partygoers then started to yell ‘Throw her in!’ and Balfour complied.

Balfour lifted James up and then body-slammed her to the ground, while she was still holding on to the leashes of her two dogs.

It’s unclear if Balfour meant to body-slam James or if he slipped. Either way, it didn’t stop him from continuing the attack. Once he got up, he dragged the woman into the pool with him. Her dogs were luckily able to escape before being pulled into the water.

The video ends with most of the teens fleeing the scene.

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