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Trump: Strzok ‘a Disgrace to Our Country,’ ‘a Disgrace to the FBI’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” President Donald Trump called FBI agent Peter Strzok “a disgrace to our country.”

Trump said, “I watched some of the testimony, even though I’m in Europe, of Strzok. And I thought it was a disgrace to our country. I thought it was an absolute disgrace. Where he wants to do things against me before I was even, I guess before I was even the candidate. It was a disgrace. And then he lied about it. And you know, talking about shutting it down and ‘we, we.’ And he says ‘oh I meant the American people’ all of a sudden you know, he came up with excuses.”

He added, “He was a disgrace to our country. He was a disgrace to the FBI. So when I look at things like that and he led that investigation or whatever you call it. I would say that yeah, I think it hurts our relationship with Russia. I actually think it hurts our relationship with a lot of countries.”



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