Turkey Considers Sending Ground Troops Into Syria

Turkey Considers Sending Ground Troops Into Syria
Turkish tanks on the Syrian-Turkish border. Photo: Reuters

Turkey is considering sending ground troops into the civil war in Syria.

“If there is a strategy against ISIS, Turkey and Saudi Arabia could start putting together a strategy to move in ground troops”, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Saturday after his participation at the Munich Security Conference the Turkish newspaper ‘Yeni Safak’ and ‘Haber’.

Before that Saudi Arabia had announced its willingness to send ground troops to fight against ISIS in Syria.

Saudi Arabia has since the end of 2014 been part of the anti-terrorist coalition, however, has not been significantly involved in the air strikes against the extremists. Saudi Arabia is a moderate opponent of Bashar al-Assad, the President of Syria.

Cavusoglu announced in the interview that Saudi Arabia will send warplanes for use against ISIS for Turkish Incirlik airbase. How many warplanes their sending is still unclear.

In southern Turkish Incirlik Bundeswehr soldiers are stationed as part of the anti-ISIS insert. They are there with at least six Tornado jets for reconnaissance flights over Syria and Iraq. An Airbus also helps during the refueling of fighter jets of the coalition in the air, a frigate is a French aircraft carrier escort. An air raids, the Bundeswehr is not involved.

There are new hopes for an early ceasefire in the bloody conflict. Meanwhile, Syria has been overshadowed by intense fighting.

Immediately after talks for an early ceasefire in Munich the Russian Air Force intensified is bombardment of Syria, according to human rights activists places north of the city of Homs. At least 16 civilians were killed in the latest attacks.

Russia, the United States and other major regional powers such as Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia had agreed on Friday in Munich on the goal of a cease-fire in Syria. Within a week.

However, the militant Islamic State and Al-Nusra Front should be able to be pursued and destroyed. In addition, the Munich Conference agreed that now is time for humanitarian aid in besieged cities. In Geneva a new Task Force was summoned for humanitarian aid, which is going to start relief operations for the suffering population.