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Videos Show Aftermath Of Barcelona Terror Attack (WARNING GRAPHIC)

Catalan police said at least 13 people were killed, and more than 50 others were severely injured in the Barcelona terrorist attack.

Soon after the van attack, Spain’s El Periodico newspaper reported that two armed men were holed up in a bar in Barcelona’s city center, and reported gunfire in the area, although it did not cite the source of the information.

Witness Ethan Spibey told Britain’s Sky News: “All of sudden it was real chaos. People just started running screaming, there were loud bangs. People just started running into shops, there was a kind of mini-stampede where we were, down one of the alleyways.”

He said he had taken refuge with dozens of other people in a nearby church.

“They’ve locked the doors because I’m not sure whether the person who may have done it has actually been caught, so they’ve locked the doors and told people just to wait in here.”

The incident took place at the height of the tourist season in Barcelona, which is one of Europe’s top travel destinations with at least 11 million visitors a year.

The deadliest terror attack in Spain was in March 2004, when Islamist terrorists placed bombs on commuter trains in Madrid, killing 191 people and wounding more than 1,800.




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