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Woman Busted Smuggling Liquid Cocaine in Her Breast Implants

A Honduran woman carrying over 3 pounds of liquid cocaine in her breast implants was arrested at the airport in Colombia’s capital, Bogota, police said.

Paola Deyanira Sabillon, a 22-year-old from Honduras, was trying to travel by plane from the Colombian capital, Bogota, to Spain.

She was arrested after arousing suspicion in the security line, Colonel Diego Rosero of the airport police said.

X-rays revealed that surgery had recently been carried out on her breasts.

When questioned about her new breasts Sabillon confessed to the police that they had been implanted with an unknown substance.  Sabillon said she was supposed to take to the drugs to Barcelona, the capital of Spain.

Authorities believe the surgery took place in the city of Pereira, western Colombia.

The implants have since been removed at Bogota hospital where Sabillon was treated for an infection.

In 2013 a Canadian woman was arrested at the same airport for trying to smuggle 2kg of cocaine in a fake pregnancy suit.

How high are these people when they come up with this stuff?



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