Sunday, May 22, 2022
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YouTube Bans Another Conservative News Channel

YouTube has been very busy lately suspending, demonetizing and even terminating conservative news channels. Dark Horse News is the latest casualty to fall victim to Google and YouTube’s Nazi style censorship.

YouTube censors and suppresses content that does not fall in line with their globalist agenda. It started slow with our channel. First they started deleting all of our videos showing black on white violence in America. Then they started deleting all of our videos exposing Radical Islam. No reason was given, but we all know why they deleted those videos. The videos were not in line with their evil agenda.

After our videos started being removed their team of social justice warriors started an accelerated false flagging attack on all of our videos (videos going back over two years). We even had videos exposing police violence on our channel and they were flagged too. It was an all out war on our channel, and YouTube let a bunch of very fake flags take our channel down.

We have contacted YouTube multiple times, but their team of radical SJWs is not going to reinstate our channel. Maybe if we were Trannies, BLM or Antifa we might have a chance at getting our channel back, but thankfully we are not any of those things. Dark Horse News will always be a conservative news source, and we will continue to expose all the corruption of the leftists and their anti-American agendas.  We will not be silenced.



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